Lives and works in London


Artist Support Pledge, Landsec/A Space for Art, London 2022

Caught by the Tail, Studio 4G Projects Vanguard Court, London, 2022

The Elephant in the Room, Durden and Ray, Los Angeles USA, 2022

Fairground Pop, Zimmer Stewart at the London Art Fair (solo) 2022

A Generous Space, Hastings Contemporary, 2021

Turps Studio Program Painters, Thamas Side Studios, London 2021

Waving in the Distance,  Terrace Gallery, London 2020

Time Flies Fruit Flies,  The Art Academy, London 2019

Creekside Open, selected by Brian Griffiths, APT Gallery, London 2019

Travelogue, Zimmer Stewart Gallery, Arundel (solo) 2019

Turps Painters at Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm 2019

Lynn Painter Stainers Prize, Mall Galleries, London 2019

Goloso, with Egle Jauncems and Slate Projects, Averard Hotel, London 2018

Still Life, Zimmer Stewart Gallery, Arundel 2017 (solo)

Pleasure Islands, Artwork Atelier, Salford 2016

Young Masters Dialogues at Sphinx Fine Art, London 2015

Cynthia Courbett Gallery Summer Exhibition, London 2015

Projections, Zimmer Stewart Gallery, Arundel, 2015 (solo)

Demimonde, Slate Projects, London, 2015

Carousel, Slate Projects, London 2014

Pentimenti, Maybe a Vole, London 2014

Concrete Island, MiAL, 2014

The end is where we start from, Slate Projects, London 2014

S.I.T.E CCW Alumni Show, Chelsea College of Art 2013

Sunday Salon at Oakley Road Project Space,  2013

Westall/Sorrell with FAD Contemporary, Strarta Art Fair, London 2013

Division of Labor, Brunel Museum/fly by night, Rotherhithe, 2013

In Two Parts, Chelsea College of Art, 2013

Five Painters at the Framers Gallery, London 2013

7 Painters at Greyfriars, Greyfriars Chapel, Oxford  2012


Turps Studio Programme 2018-20

Chelsea College of Art, University of the Arts London  MA Fine Art 2012-13

The Ruskin School of Fine Art, University of Oxford, BFA 2002-5